Google Spreadsheet

What is a google spreadsheet?

A google spreadsheet is an excel document that can have as many people as you need working on the same document.


Today we used a google spreadsheet to show some information about other classmates without moving around the room and causing problems.


Other ways you can use this prgram is to show the number of certain things that you are learning about, share numbered facts with the class or other things out side of class like in bussiness meetings.


7E has the best class because we have more Jamo kids and we have more stamps.

Review of Term 3 report

In my report for Term 3 my use of class time was pretty good, my behaviour was the same as my use of class time, my completion of set work and personal organisation could be better in some subjects, but is still pretty good and my level of performance was good all round exept for one or two subjects.



– Practice my pronouncation for languages at home

– Be less social in some classes

– Don’t leave some of my work till the last minute



A Fractured Fairytale

A fractured fairytale …

(A) Once upon a time, there lived a boy of ginormous proportions.

“The bakery called, they want their rolls back” said John.

Sam sat on the chair, turned around to the wall and folded his arms against his chest. Tears rushed down his face and a puddle started to form underneath him. A lot of thoughts were going through his head and all were about how he was going to squash little old John. But the worst thing going through his mind was how he was going to use his gnome for payback..

(B) The gnome never saw it coming.

The way things ended broke his heart. The tears slowly streamed down his face as the realisation hit him that she was gone. He would never find anyone like her.

“Why?” he screamed at the empty field.

His friend walked up behind him and placed a hand gently on his shoulder.

“C’mon mate, let’s go,” he said softly.

They walked off and his sobbing stopped as he saw her face in the corner of his eyes.

The cake was there and so was the frosting. He pounced straight at it.

(C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!”, the frog exclaimed.

“Well you shouldn’t have eaten it,” his friend was annoyed and they started fighting.

Hitting,punching and kicking each other. But then they stopped and realised that…

(A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal.

His heart was pumping and he didn’t know where and what year he was in. He started to worry and he tried to walk back to where came from, his home town in America, but it didn’t let him. He walked into the time portal but it went solid and he fall back on the ground with tears slowly running down his face. He tried again but the same thing happened and he started to get a bruise on his face. “Hey mate, are you ok?” Frog and his friend asked.

“Just leave me alone,” he yelled and ran off.

Just then a man chucked a discus aiming at the time portal but his throw was off and…

(B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport.

As it headed towards the airport a plane flew out and crushed it along with the child’s heart. It was his dream to be a discus thrower, but that all disappeared when the plane ran over the discus. The only discus he had ever owned from a very young age, gone, just like that. The young boy is very angry that the discus was run over by the plane that he picked it up and threw it at a window.The window on the plane smashed into tiny pieces. The passengers of the plane screamed. Just then it started to rain and…

(C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one.

Rain came rushing through the window and the plane started to flood. A window had been smashed by a young boy and now the pilot of  the plane had a problem on his hands. Water was going everywhere picking up everything in it’s way…

(A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries.

The chairs were flying, one coming an inch away from the pilot’s head the next hit him right in the gut. His face was going white then green like the flashing in traffic lights. He ducked before the next one came even close to him. He lay on the ground crying and then he spewed. He got back up and a chair hit him in the forehead and knocked him out. He lay there and his passengers were worried. He didn’t move and everything went into slow motion. The boy was climbing out of the window to get away from the flooded plane.

(B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled.

He didn’t get down, he stayed on top of the plane.

“What if I don’t get down?” he questioned.

“You will  get dragged down,we are making an emergency stop,” she replied.

He slowly looked over the edge of the plane and jumped ignoring his girlfriend. He landed swiftly in the water with a perfect dive. As his head bobbed back up he took a sharp breath and shot his winning grin at his girlfriend. She just laughed and the plane made an emergency stop at a beach but then they realized that…

(C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time.

  The passengers got out of the plane and had a look around. The beach seemed dangerous but it was there safest spot to land. The lady wished she jumped into the water with her boyfriend, but he was long gone. I wonder if he survived, she thought in her head

And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably on the island, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner.

Nerve Tester Evaluation

Does the game work as intended and why/why not?

Yes, the game works as intended because I followed all of the instructions which helps.

If you made any changes to your design please describe what they were and why?

The only change I made was in the painting process where I wasn’t supposed to paint teeth on, but I did. I think that having the teeth make the background look better.

What could you do to improve your design?

I could have made my joints and everything neater.

What was the easiest part when constructing the game and why?

The easiest part was painting and cutting the wood because you had everything you needed to do in front of you.

What was the most difficult part when constructing the game and why?

The most difficult part was putting the wires together because I didn’t quite know what I was doing so I had to ask a lot of questions.

Flying Ecnif

This is a fact file on a ‘Flying Ecnif’.Flying Ecnif.

Pi-omega, this planet is tropical: hot and wet. most of the planet is covered by rainforest. The planet if very flat. water collects in large pools and lakes which have water in them all year ’round. A species of poisonous plant grows thickly on the ground. The spines of this plant are poisonous, and any animal which steps on one is sure to die. The vegetation is plentiful, and includes leaves, fruits and nuts. Animals include carnivorous snakes, varieties of insects, monkeys, fish and birds.